SAVA x AppsFlyer: The Mobile Attribution Tool for Success

Think of 11 football players trying to win a championship by scoring as many goals as possible. However, these 11 players do not have a coach, a tactics team, or any form of strategy. Their only hope is to chase the ball long enough and put it at the back of the opponent’s net. Do you think they’ll succeed?

In many ways, football is similar to growth and marketing. We want to get the ball (our customers) and guide them all the way through the marketing funnel to the very end (the goal post). However, there needs to be strategy and insight.

The footballers trying to score goals – are the growth players, marketing leads, and growth managers. Many of who, do not maximize their growth funnels, because there is no insight and strategy. For players to attain growth goals, they need a coach on the sidelines, who gives insight, segmentation, and predictive analytics – That coach is AppsFlyer.

What is AppsFlyer?

what is appsflyer


AppsFlyer is that coach with an overview function – providing growth stakeholders with attribution modeling, audience segmentation, user acquisition, and retention tracking. Similar to football coaches, AppsFlyer helps marketing managers visualize their processes while providing necessary analytics for growth and scaling.

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How can AppsFlyer Help You Attain Success?

  1. Key metrics on one dashboard

Key metrics on one dashboard

Being able to visualize and analyze your performance metrics on a single dashboard is an integral part of AppsFlyer’s unique selling point.

The dashboard allows you view user acquisition and retargeting campaign data, as well as other data points that relate to cost, clicks, and revenue generated – in real time.

You know how coaches are able to understand their team’s strength, identify weak players, and point out strategies that are not producing optimal results from the sidelines, yeah?

AppsFlyer has a dashboard that allows you to see all those key metrics and more. It also gives you layout and styles that are easy to understand and work with.

To win, you need to see – and AppsFlyer is your eyes on a dashboard.

  1. Deep Linking

Deep Linking

Deep linking is the ability to move your users from different locations online to specific in-app contents. Many product owners and marketing managers are now seeing the immense benefits of deep linking, because it does not just help brands boost revenue, but also improves overall user experience. AppsFlyer helps growth and marketing managers customize user journeys – ensuring ease and seamlessness.

Similarly, Coaches help teams play fluid football. To do this, they ensure smooth transitions from defense to attack. Similarly, in a bid to boost App conversions, AppsFlyer ensures a smooth transition of users from web to app and from app to app with a single link.

The platform takes users to the correct destination while combining attribution & deep linking for mobile success. Awe-mazing! To win, you need deep linking and smooth transitions – and AppsFlyer never leaves you hanging.

  1. Privacy & Safety

Privacy & Safety

Imagine your team lineup and relevant data leaks before a very important match. AppsFlyer would never allow that. Knowing data should never be compromised, AppsFlyer possesses the highest compliance certifications and are at the fore of protecting your customer data with multilayered protection.

Their Protect360 protects you from ad fraud through fraud prevention and detection – ensuring you are ahead of every threat. To win, you need security, and AppsFlyer is your safety net.

With AppsFlyer, there are truly no limits to your marketing campaigns. And with the partnership between SAVA and AppsFlyer, there’s no limit to your growth. An email