How we helped Payday acquire 200,000 new customers in 56 days

In just 56 days, our team helped Payday, an international mobile money transfer app, acquire 200,000 new registered customers and generate over 300,000 new app installs. Payday’s objective was to expand its user base in the Nigerian market and later extend to the UK and other African cities, for which they aimed to raise a seed round. Our task was to acquire 100,000 new registered customers within 3 months.

To achieve this target, we collaborated with influential figures in the tech industry, as well as top advertising publishers such as Google, Meta, Twitter, Spotify, and Snapchat.



↑ 15% AVG WoW increase in customer registrations. ↓ 50% decrease in User Acquisition Cost ↑ 38.2%
increase in Daily Active Users.
↑ 300,000
Installs generated.
200% increase from previous month (Jan 23)
↑ 200,000 New registered customers. 200% increase from previous year (Jan 23)


Who is PayDay?

Payday is a global neobank designed for African remote workers, digital professionals, entrepreneurs, content creators, and anyone who wants control over their money. Payday issues real USD, GBP, and EUR bank accounts, as well as a virtual USD Mastercard for global payments.


The Challenge

  • Limited brand awareness in a competitive and saturated market of retail banking, crypto, and consumer fintech.
  • Reaching high-intent audiences interested in cross-border payments and virtual card services post iOS 14.
  • Gaining the trust from potential users without extensive social PR validation.
  • Increasing brand awareness while maintaining a low cost per registration across paid media channels.
  • Identifying Payday’s unique value propositions and market differentiators that appeal to different user segments.
  • Proactively generating interest in Payday 3.0 Launch.



The Result

At Payday, we acquired 200,000 new registered customers and generated over 300,000 app installs in just 56 days.

Here are some key metrics to track our success:

  • We reduced customer acquisition costs by 50% week on week.

↑ 15% AVG

WoW Increase in customer registrations.

↓ 50%

WoW decrease in user acquisition cost.

↑ 38.2%

WoW increase in Daily Active Users.

↑ 300,000

Installs generated. 200% increase from previous Month (Jan 23).

↑ 200,000

New registered customers. 200% increase from previous Month (Jan 23).


Raised in seed funding 🚀


Services Provided

  • Brand Moat.
  • Campaign Launch plan.
  • PR strategy guidance.
  • Paid performance (Social Ads & Streaming).
  • App Store Optimization.
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Audience hyper-targeting.
  • Virality.
  • Promoted Trends.
  • Collaborations.
  • Influencer Marketing.



1. We adopted the Payday brand to create a cohesive, consistent, and memorable presence across a variety of digital channels. This ensures brand authority and adoption among Payday’s target audiences.

2. We collaborated with key influential people in the tech space to promote the brand on social media platforms, strengthening brand trust among Payday’s customers.

3. We set up product tracking to ensure that growth marketing strategies are influenced by product analytics.

4. Deployed rapid experimentation across Facebook Ads, Google, Spotify, Snapchat, Twitter, to quickly scale the user base and achieve product market fit.

5. We successfully developed a comprehensive app store optimization strategy for the Payday app on both the iOS and Google Play stores. This highly effective strategy includes experimentation, keyword optimization, descriptions, titles, & meta data.




  • Digital Villain (Performance Marketing).
  • Growth Lead.
  • App Store Optimisation Specialist.
  • Data Analyst.
  • Growth Operations.



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